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Weight Management Resources

Managing your weight with a healthy diet and physical activity can help you reduce your pain. For every 1 pound of weight loss, there is 4 pounds of relief on your knees. Losing 15 pounds can cut knee pain in half

Background Information on the Vicious Cycle of Obesity, Osteoarthritis (OA) and Disability

People who maintain a healthy weight are less likely to develop knee OA and therefore less likely to need major surgical procedures to treat OA symptoms. Higher body mass index (BMI) is not only a major risk factor for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and premature death but is also implicated as a cause of OA.

Educational materials for people with joint pain and excess weight

The OA Action Alliance has created pamphlets to assist individuals affected by excess weight and who are experiencing joint pain or have been diagnosed with arthritis to take action steps to improve their joint pain.

Weight Gain and Joint Pain

Can My Weight Make My Joint Pain Worse?

Resources from the Obesity Action Coalition:
Resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Guidelines and Policy Resources
Academic and Clinical Resources