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Download: Reducing Joint Pain Through a Healthy DietEating well is important for keeping your body and mind healthy. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a condition where your joints hurt, and there’s no cure for it right now. Eating a healthy diet and losing weight can help manage OA symptoms like pain, tiredness, and stiffness. Healthy nutrition can also make your quality of life better and help you move around more easily. Many people with OA want to know what foods they should eat or avoid to make their symptoms better.1

What does the research say?

Group eating togetherThe research around improving OA symptoms through specific foods and diets is weak and unclear. Yet, some research shows that following a Mediterranean diet can help make your OA symptoms better, reduce inflammation in your body, and help you manage your weight.2 Regularly following this diet is important to maximize these benefits.

How does a Mediterranean diet help?

Following a Mediterranean diet can:2

  • Help make your OA symptoms better
  • Reduce inflammation in your body
  • Help you manage your weight.

Disclaimer: Check with your clinician before starting a new diet or taking supplements.

Main Ingredients to a Mediterranean Diet

Lifestyle Factors4

  • Exercise regularly.
  • Avoid smoking or using tobacco products.
  • Prepare and enjoy meals with family and friends.
  • Cook at home more often than you eat out.
  • Eat locally sourced foods whenever possible.
  • Change certain food items you enjoy to include ingredients of a Mediterranean diet. Ex: Choose pizza toppings
    such as vegetables and no meat.


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This resource was created by the OAAA Weight Management task group


Additional Information on the Mediterranean Diet

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