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The Osteoarthritis (OA) Action Alliance is a national coalition of concerned organizations mobilized by the Arthritis Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This coalition is committed to elevating OA as a national health priority and promoting effective policy solutions that aim to address the individual and national toll of OA. In addition, the OA Action Alliance, with the public health community, is working to ensure people with OA have the access, skills and capacity to benefit from effective and proven interventions.



We envision a nation where osteoarthritis is prevented and managed to improve the quality of life for Americans of all ages.



The Osteoarthritis Action Alliance is committed to elevating osteoarthritis (OA) as a national health priority and promoting effective policy [systems and environmental] solutions that address the individual and national toll of OA.



  1. Invoke policymakers at all levels in all sectors (e.g., lawmakers, businesses, school officials, community leaders) to make OA a public health priority as reflected in policy decisions and funding allocations;
  2. Foster communities to build capacity to prevent or manage OA by disseminating information and resources about effective community interventions (e.g., evidence based interventions, environmental and policy changes) and supporting implementation of these interventions;
  3. Mobilize health systems and health care professionals to proactively identify and comprehensively address OA in their clinical care (e.g., decision prompts, pain management, physical activity as a vital sign, referral to community-based programs);
  4. Engage individuals with OA, their family/friends and caregivers with strategies to minimize disease progression and optimize quality of life through effective clinical and self-management strategies (e.g., physical activity, movement, weight management, and self-management education);
  5. Prevent the onset of OA through effective injury prevention and weight management strategies.



The Osteoarthritis Action Alliance supports all individuals of color in our community and across the nation. Further, we have an imperative to ensure equity in healthcare and are committed to reducing disparities in musculoskeletal health. We are stronger and more impactful when we work together; and we stand united with our coalition members, members of the public health community, and all others who care about health to fight racism and bias in healthcare delivery and beyond.



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