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Osteoarthritis in the Media

The latest in news, policy, & practice on osteoarthritis

  • APTA ChoosePT: 10 exercises to do in the pool (6/18/2021)
  • The Back Pain Podcast has posted a new podcast on the topic “Can You Fail Physiotherapy?‬‬‬‬” (6/17/2021)
  • CreakyJoints: Moving with RA is a challenge-here’s how I made it easier (6/16/2021)
  • Versus Arthritis: Five easy ways to eat well with arthritis (6/16/2021)
  • AAOS: Seniors and exercise-Starting an exercise program (6/14/2021)
  • The Joint Action has posted a new podcast on the topic “Osteoarthritis orthobiologics with Dr Brian Cole” (6/13/2021)
  • Very Well Health: The 8 best arthritis gloves of 2021 (6/10/2020)
  • Arthritis Research Canada has posted the Summer 2021 edition of The Arthritis Newsletter (6/3/2021)
  • Booming Encore: Be prepared to either move it or lose it (6/3/2021)
  • Dr. Richard Loeser receives a 12-month NCTraCS “FastTraCS” grant, focused on discovering new therapeutics for OA (6/2/2021)
  • Harvard Health: The weighty issue of weight loss (6/1/2021)
  • June issue of Tai Chi for Health Institute newsletter has been released (6/1/2021)