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Healthcare Providers

Do you see patients with joint pain? As a healthcare professional, you can make a positive difference in the lives of adults with OA.

The pain, stiffness, and swelling from OA can limit function, mobility, and quality of life. These symptoms may affect your patients’ ability to perform daily activities and work routines such as writing or typing, standing or sitting for long periods, bending and walking, or going up and down stairs. As a healthcare provider, you can help reduce the burden of OA by expanding your knowledge of OA and its management, using functional assessments in your practice, sharing resources with your patients, and promoting injury prevention. In addition to exploring the resources for healthcare providers listed below, consider making the OACareTools resources for adults and employees available to your patients.



Interpreting the 2019 ACR Guidelines

INFOGRAPHIC: Interprets recommendations from the 2019 ACR Guidelines for the management of hand, hip, and knee OA


Topical & Oral Analgesics for OA Pain Management

VIDEO: Explains the analgesics recommendations from the 2019 ACR Guidelines for the management of hip, knee, and hand OA




Exercise Rx for Arthritis

HANDOUT: Provides guidance to healthcare providers related to helping patients with OA create a joint-friendly physical activity program. See also the patient-facing worksheet on the same topic.


Engaging Patients in OA Management Strategies: Speaker Guide + Presentation

PRESENTATION: Highlights self-management strategies for OA and provides example frameworks to help providers support their patients’ lifestyle changes. Includes a Speaker Guide.



Functional Assessments in OA Care Video

VIDEO: Features Matt, a practicing nurse practitioner, discussing the use of functional assessments in OA care



Functional Assessments for Patients with Knee & Hip Osteoarthritis

ACTION BRIEF: Describes how providers can use functional assessments in OA care




Functional Assessments in OA Care: Speaker Guide + Presentation

PRESENTATION: Provides an overview of several functional assessment tools for OA currently used in clinical care and work settings. Includes a Speaker Guide.


OA Prevention: Connecting OA and Weight

HANDOUT: Explains how OA and obesity are interconnected and suggests strategies that can help prevent and manage both diseases


OACareTools Toolkit Brochure

BROCHURE: Describes the resources contained in OACareTools and can be used to promote the Toolkit to healthcare providers and their patients & employers and their employees

OAAA collaborated with Pfizer in the development of these resources. The information provided in these resources is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace discussions with a healthcare provider.