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OA-Pain Research: Translational Scientists’ New Best Friends – September 16, 2020

September 16, 2020

Webinar Information:

OA-Pain Research: Translational Scientists’ New Best Friends


Dr. B. Duncan X. Lascelles is Professor in Small Animal Surgery and Professor of Comparative and Translational Pain Research at North Carolina State University. His research program (Translational Research in Pain [TRiP]) develops methods to measure pain associated with spontaneous disease in animals, and seeks to understand the underlying neurobiology. His work improves pain control in companion animals, and facilitates analgesic development in human medicine through proof of concept studies in companion animals, and discovery of relevant mechanisms involved in specific, naturally occurring painful disease states. He is director of the Comparative Pain Research and Education Centre (CPREC). He has authored over 200 peer reviewed research papers and reviews, ~250 research abstracts, and ~ 30 book chapters. He consults for both human and veterinary pharmaceutical companies in relation to therapeutic development. He is co-founder of AniV8, a company dedicated to developing innovative methods of measuring pain.