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My Knee Exercise Program – May 29, 2024

May 29, 2024

Webinar description:

In this pre-recorded presentation, Dr. Rachel Nelligan will discuss My Knee Exercise Program, one of the newly recognized Arthritis-Appropriate, Evidence-Based Interventions.

About the Speaker:

Rachel Nelligan, Ph.D.
Registered Clinical Physiotherapist
Research Fellow, Department of Physiotherapy
University of Melbourne

Rachel Nelligan, Ph.D.Dr. Rachel Nelligan is a registered Physiotherapist and The Sir Randal Heymanson Fellow within the Department of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne. Rachel has been a clinical physiotherapist since 2005 and a physiotherapy researcher since 2013. Her expertise lies in the conservative management of musculoskeletal conditions, with a specific focus on osteoarthritis. Rachel is dedicated to developing and evaluating digital resources to empower people in effectively self-managing their health conditions.


Lunch & Learn Recording & Transcript

Lunch & Learn Transcript available upon request. Please email