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The first and only national campaign that focuses on preventing the onset and progression of osteoarthritis (OA)

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  • @OAactionallianc mission is to increase awareness, education and resources for #osteoarthritis to improve the lives of millions who live with it #standup2oa
  • We #StandUp2OA because #osteoarthritis affects over 30 million people and is a leading cause of disability in the US. This burden on our health care system and economy will continue to increase as the population ages.
  • The Burden of #Osteoarthritis is more than just the pain a person feels, it costs $2,017 avg a year to treat and $80 bill in lost work earnings. Learn ways you can take action and advocate #StandUp2OA
  • #Exercise and #selfmanagement interventions can help people with #osteoarthritis improve their joints symptoms and their mood. Communities, businesses and healthcare systems can make an impact by providing these programs  #StandUp2OA

Weight Management

  • Weight management is key to prevention – DYK 11 pounds of weight loss can reduce #osteoarthritis risk by half? For more tips: #StandUp2OA
  • Weight management is key to prevention – DYK every 1 pound of weight-loss = 4lbs of relief on knee joints #StandUp2OA
  • Weight gain is common with age and adds load to painful joints. Manage your weight with diet & exercise to reduce joint pain #StandUp2OA
  • Losing weight can help you reduce joint pain, avoid joint surgery and become more active again. Learn how you can #StandUp2OA 

Injury Prevention

  • Staying in the game is a ‘joint’ effort! Train smartly for sports with best practices that will reduce risk of lower limb injury today and lower osteoarthritis risk later in life. Learn how you can #StandUp2OA 
  • Coaches, players, parents #DYK that osteoarthritis can develop as early as 10-15 yrs after knee injury? Best practice training strategies can reduce injury risk. Learn more  Together, we can #StandUp2OA
  • Injury prevention is important at all ages and stages whether for youth athletes reducing lower limb injury risk or adults preventing injury from falls. Learn how you can #StandUp2OA

Physical Activity

  • You can #StandUp2OA by exercising 2-3x a week for 2.5 hours total. Physical activity helps to manage pain, improve mobility, muscle strength, independence and even mood. Learn more: #StandUp2OA
  • Keep moving! Daily physical activity lessens joint pain and stiffness. Start low, go slow. Learn more tips to help kickstart your physical activity #StandUp2OA
  • #DYK Physical activity is great for managing osteoarthritis and other chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, obesity. Learn more: #StandUp2OA
  • Movement improves mood and function. Both improve quality of life. #StandUp2OA and walk with a friend today!
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