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Intro to Arthritis Management Programs – November 16, 2022

November 16, 2022

Webinar description:

In this Introduction to Arthritis Management Programs, Julie Coleman from the OA Action Alliance will provide an overview of community-based programs for adults with arthritis. These Physical Activity and Self-Management Education programs have been proven to help improve the quality of lives of adults with arthritis. There are currently 21 recognized Arthritis Management Programs. If you want to learn about one of the greatest ways to help manage arthritis symptoms, sign up for this webinar!

About the Speaker:

Julie ColemanJulie Coleman, BS
CDC Public Health Associate, OA Action Alliance

Julie Coleman is currently working with the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance through the CDC’s Public Health Associate Program. She is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University from the College of Health and Human Development. She earned a Bachelors Degree in Biobehavioral Health in which she studied comprehensive approaches to understanding the interactions among biological, environmental, psychological, and sociocultural theories as they relate to human health.



Lunch & Learn Recording & Transcript

Lunch & Learn Transcript available upon request. Please email