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“Medication isn’t the only way to manage arthritis pain. Look at these eight natural therapies for arthritis.
Arthritis Foundation

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  • COVID-19 Resources for People with Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis in the Media
  • Webinars
  • Resources for OA Researchers

Learn to Live a Full Life
with Osteoarthritis

Joint pain is common, but you shouldn’t have to “just live” with pain as you get older. Even though there is no cure for osteoarthritis (OA), there are many options to help you manage OA pain. The question is which options are evidence-based and which are questionable treatments? Fortunately, the OA Action Alliance has created a webpage to help you make this determination. Here is a summary of Recommended Treatments for OA:

Recommended Treatments for OA

On the other hand, there is little scientific evidence that the following Alternative Treatments are effective or safe to address OA pain:

  • CBD products
  • Glucosamine supplements
  • Vitamins & Minerals
  • Turmeric
  • Fish oil
  • Herbal treatments

Please note, combining any medications (over-the-counter or prescription) carries risk. It is important that you discuss any non-prescribed medications or supplements with your healthcare provider.

It was scary getting back to exercise and daily walking. I shuddered at the idea of the word exercise, but I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I didn’t like the way I started to feel sluggish, tired, and in pain. I remembered how I felt without all the weight and I wanted that feeling again. They say, for every pound you lose, it takes 4 lbs off your knees. I can feel the difference when I walk and manage my weight.
Denise Allen (Individual with OA)


COVID-19 Resources for People with Arthritis

Managing OA during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Osteoarthritis in the Media

The latest in news, policy, & practice on osteoarthritis

  • Bloomberg Businessweek: Prescription weight loss drugs are working, if you can get one (1/4/2022)
  • CreakyJoints: Osteoarthritis and sleep: How to treat OA pain and sleep better (12/30/2021)
  • Versus Arthritis: Are tomatoes bad for arthritis? (12/29/2021)
  • Is a personal trainer worth it? (12/24/2021)
  • Healio: Hyaluronic acid injections increased for all providers from 2012 to 2018 (12/23/2021)
  • UNL Food: 9 tips for staying active over the winter holidays (12/22/2021)
  • Arthritis Research Canada: The Winter edition of The Arthritis Newsletter has been released (12/19/2021)
  • Human Performance Resources by CHAMP: Resilience skills for stress management during the holiday season (12/19/2021)
  • National Institute for Health Research: Special arthritis gloves are no better at reducing pain and stiffness than looser-fitting gloves (12/17/2021)
  • The Back Pain Podcast has posted a new podcast on the topic “What’s the Best Sleep Position to Avoid Back Pain?” (12/17/2021)
  • November/December edition of JointHealth™ insight has been released (12/15/2021)
  • The Joint Action has posted a new podcast on the topic “Platelet-rich plasma injections for knee osteoarthritis with Prof Kim Bennell” (12/12/2021)


1/19 Lunch & Learn

Resources for OA Researchers

Click the button below to access our regularly updated list of Events and Conferences, Funding Opportunities, Webinars, and Announcements related to Osteoarthritis research. Remember to bookmark this website!

Events, Funding, and More

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