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How you can help your patients and increase your clinical knowledge of OA

The recommended starting treatment for all patients with knee OA are land and water based exercise, weight management, strength training and self-management education.

Exercise (land, water and strength)

Recommend an increase in general physical activity and preform physical performance measures to determine the physical function of your patients. You may also consider starting a “Walk with a Doc” chapter in your community. We have developed several briefs for the Walk with a Doc program online Walk Topics library under “Arthritis.” Walk leaders can download these briefs to share with their walkers. Learn more here!

Self-management Education and Weight Management 

Share our weight management brochures, and give them the link to the Arthritis Foundation Resource Finder in order to locate evidence-based programs in their neighborhood.

Find a Rheumatologist

Evidence-based Program Information for Clinicians

Clinical care guidelines

  • Osteoarthritis Research Society International (OARSI)

Walk With a Doc Briefs

Walk with a Doc maintains an online “Walk Topics” library of mini-lectures, or lecturettes, that walk leaders everywhere can download and share with their walkers. These lecturettes are quick and easy to read and digest for people who have arthritis and healthcare providers, alike.