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Module 5: WWE program evaluation

Evidence-based health promotion programs, such as WWE, have been rigorously tested in controlled settings and have published peer-reviewed findings that demonstrate that they are proven to be effective. Further, they have been translated into how-to manuals for implementation by organizations. The value and advantages of offering evidence-based health promotion programs are numerous:

  • Enhances your confidence that the program will improve the health of your clientele
  • Helps you justify the use of limited resources by using proven programs
  • Helps make the case with potential implementation partners, referrers and potential purchasers
  • Are likely to be more appealing to potential participants who want programs that are worth their time and effort.

For those new to conducting evaluation of evidence-based programs, these following resources provide an orientation to the process, but are not specific to Walk With Ease:

For evaluation of the Walk With Ease program, the OAAA has designed several materials that may be adapted for your needs. The Walk With Ease – Full Data Collection Packet with Instructions describes the role of the program administrator and the WWE Leader in collecting data and encouraging participants to complete program forms. It also includes the forms that OAAA uses to collect data on WWE participants and locations.  These forms can be adapted for your use and are also listed and linked to below.

Many program administrators collect information (e.g., name, age, health conditions, etc.) about their participants at the start of the program (baseline) and then survey them again at end of the program (post-program) to gauge progress (in minutes of walking and symptom management) and to assess program satisfaction. Below are long and short form versions of baseline and post-program surveys that can be adapted to your needs:

Excel software can be used to compile participant data. Forms for this, based on the baseline and post-program forms, are provided below: