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Remain in the Game for Tactical Athletes

Tactical AthletesA “tactical athlete” trains their body to achieve peak physical performance in their respected occupation. One area of focus for tactical athletes is the prevention of injury. For those who currently serve in the military, neuromuscular training exercises like the ones found in Remain in the Game: A Joint Effort can improve strength, balance, and measures of athletic performance, as well as reduce the risk of traumatic knee injury. Traumatic injuries, like an ACL tear, can sideline a soldier for months or even end a career. A consistent training program can reduce the chance of a knee injury by up to 50% and in the process, may help prevent osteoarthritis, the 2nd leading cause of medical discharge.

Just 10 minutes of Remain in the Game: A Joint Effort could mean avoiding 10 months of recovery. If you are a tactical athlete, make the time to include Remain in the Game: A Joint Effort as part of your training program.


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OA is the 2nd Leading Cause of Medical DischargeRemain in the GameArthritis Affects 1 in 3 Veterans

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