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Since 2011, the OA Action Alliance (OAAA) has been working to address the National Public Health Agenda for OA (OA Agenda). The OA Agenda listed ten recommendations focused on public health interventions for OA including weight management, physical activity, self-management education, and injury prevention, and policies, systems, communication, research and evaluation. As a national coalition of organizations concerned with mitigating the public health impact of OA, we have been working to operationalize the recommendations set forth in the OA Agenda.

Over the past 10 years, we have grown to include more than 110 organizations that work collectively to increase awareness about the prevention and management of OA, provide educational resources, and expand access to evidence-based programs for target audiences including individuals with OA, community-based organizations, healthcare systems and providers, and policymakers.

To celebrate our success and the 10 year anniversary we are taking a look back at some highlights of our progress to date in addressing the OA Agenda recommendations; successes and challenges in delivery of effective communication, programs, and resources; and future implications.

Read the full article in Clinical & Experimental Rheumatology a bi-monthly international peer-reviewed journal covering musculoskeletal, arthritic & connective tissue diseases since 1983.

Public Health Interventions for Osteoarthritis – updates on the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance’s efforts to address the 2010 OA Public Health Agenda Recommendations [PDF]

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