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Anxiety and depression in adults with arthritis

A recent study, Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression Among Adults with Arthritis — United States, 2015–2017, found that adults with arthritis had higher rates of anxiety and depression compared to adults without arthritis. Having to deal with chronic pain, arthritis-related activity limitations, and other health conditions (ex. diabetes, heart disease) could contribute to worsened mental health among people with arthritis.


Adults with arthritis: 22.5%

Adults without arthritis 10.7%


Adults with arthritis 12.1%

Adults without arthritis 4.7%


Self-management education and physical activity are both effective strategies that can reduce symptoms related to depression and anxiety and arthritis and improve quality-of-life. In this study, adults with arthritis who reported doing aerobic physical activity had lower anxiety and depression symptom rates than inactive adults.

Learn more about how a healthy and active lifestyle can help you manage your arthritis and other health conditions.


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