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The OAAA Remembers Honorary Co-Chair, Lennie Rosenbluth

Lennie Rosenbluth, who died on June 18 at age 89, was a stand-out figure leaving an indelible mark first on Carolina men’s basketball, leading the 1956-57 team to a perfect season and setting its course as a national championship-level program. In 2016, Lennie joined the OA Action Alliance as its Honorary Co-Chair lending voice and positivity for those with osteoarthritis (OA).

Lennie and Dianne RosenbluthBoth Lennie and Dianne, his wife and Co-Chair, developed OA over time and while the joint pain and stiffness from the disease may have slowed their gait, it certainly didn’t slow their lives. They shared a zest for life, a love of their friends and family, and an inability to stay away from Tar Heel basketball games. They were generous with their time, always willing to share their honest, everyday experience living with OA in videos and blog posts. Both championed walking among the best ways to manage their symptoms. Dianne often joined us on Saturdays for Walk with a Doc while Lennie preferred his walks with labradoodle, Luke.

Those who knew Lennie knew that he was a gentle giant, inspirational, accomplished, and always kind. We are grateful for the stories he shared and his positive words of encouragement: “Don’t ever let arthritis get you down and continue to find ways to have fun! Because in life, as with basketball, having a positive attitude and making sure you have fun makes a tremendous difference.”

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