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September 21, 2020GSK Logo
The mission of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is to help people do more, feel better, and live longer. To achieve this mission, GSK strives to learn more about the journeys of their patients and the changes they are making in their lifestyles to cope. One such group that many don’t associate with osteoarthritis (OA) include adults in their 30’s who are just starting to feel the effects of the disease, but find it hard to connect with others about the pain they are feeling. To help give a voice to younger adults with OA, we have invited our member organization GSK Consumer Healthcare to be the focus of our Monthly Member Spotlight!


An Interview with Jissan Cherian at GSK Consumer Healthcare

Jissan CherianJissan currently serves as the US Marketing Director for Rx-to-OTC Switch at GSK Consumer Healthcare. Since joining GSK CH in 2011, Jissan has held various Marketing leadership roles in the US, SE Asia, and Central and Eastern Europe leading in-market activations across Oral Care, Nutrition, Wellness, and Skin Health brands.

1. What is your organization’s interest in the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance? Through our collaboration with the OAAA, there is a shared vision to raise awareness and develop educational resources for those individuals living with OA. We have demonstrated our commitment to this strategic alliance by sponsoring Version 2.0 of the “Walk With Ease” Self-Directed Portal and our recent support of patient-facing educational materials. It is only through collaborations such as the OAAA that we are able to drive greater overall patient value, provide innovative solutions and generate better OA outcomes within the healthcare ecosystem.

2. What is a headline you’d like to see about osteoarthritis in five years? “Arthritis is no longer an invisible disease as young adults speak to the importance of proactively managing their joint health.”

3. What do you think is the most important issue today related to osteoarthritis? The impact of COVID-19, social distancing and stay at home orders are having on patients with OA and joint pain is a serious problem that is not being discussed. Our research has found that 82% of U.S. adults with joint pain are completing less physical activity as a result of spending more time at home. Healthcare professionals recommend movement as a key enabler for OA patients to help with their stiffness and joint pain. It’s important, now more than ever, to support and be there for the OA community as we navigate these difficult circumstances and help people get moving again, safely, to rediscover the joy of movement.

4. How does your work connect to issues in osteoarthritis? I’m passionate about championing the voice of the OA patient. Joint pain due to arthritis symptoms is a daily reality for millions of people in the United States, and with many people across the country staying at home more often, finding arthritis pain relief is more important than ever. We spent a full year listening and learning from OA patients on what matters to them and what unmet needs are in the market with existing products. It was also critical that early in the process we worked with advocacy groups to ensure that what the brand does furthers the missions of these groups.

5. What is one interesting fact you’d like people to know about your organization? During our focus groups, we noticed many individuals who had OA in their hands had difficulty handling the pen and clipboard without modifications. We had an Aha Moment and realized we need to make our website optimized for those with OA to easily navigate and quickly find relevant educational content. has been recognized by the Arthritis Foundation as the first arthritis-friendly website to be designed and launched in the U.S. Details about the design of the site can be found here.

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