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Of the 100 different types of arthritis, osteoarthritis is the most common and is a serious disease that mainly affects joints in the hands, knees, and hips in adults.

32.5 million Americans  – nearly 1 in 10  adults – have osteoarthritis (OA). This disease is a leading cause of disability for working-age adults and older adults. However, there are ways to prevent and manage this disease. This month we will be highlighting how we can all #StandUp2OA during #ArthritisAwarenessMonth. The osteoarthritis public health wheel based on the 2010 National Agenda to Address Osteoarthritis informs on 4 key strategies that we can prevent and manage osteoarthritis: injury prevention, weight management, physical activity and self-management education. Read more about these strategies below and how you can participate in #ArthritisAwarenessMonth.

Social Media Messages

  • It’s the perfect time to read up on #arthritis, since it’s #ArthritisMonth! The @OAactionallianc resource library is a good place to start! #arthrtitisawarenessmonth
  • May is #Arthritismonth; Half of the 54.4 million adults with #arthritis are limited in everyday activities due to #arthritis pain, but people can live better and thrive.
  • Raise #arthritisawareness everyday by telling a friend or stranger how you manage your #OA symptoms. Share your story using #StandUp2OA
  • Did you know that 50% of athletes with ACL injuries will have #osteoarthritis in 10-20 yrs? Prevent injury with these tips #arthritismonth #arthritisawarenessmonth
  • Self-management for #arthritis is a proven way to manage #osteoarthritis symptoms. Join a program near you using the resource finder from @ArthritisFdn.
  • Incorporating walking into your life can improve your health – and we want to make it even easier. Complete this short survey to receive a  FREE Walk With Ease guidebook and start walking on your own time.
  • Get moving in May for #ArthritisMonth. Exercise lowers #arthritis pain and delays disability.  #arthritismonth #arthritisawarenessmonth









Ways to Get Involved

View our resource library which contains helpful information and resources about each section of the wheel. These resources are specific to OA and help to empower patients, health care providers, policymakers and communities. You can share these resources with friends, family, colleagues and your representatives. 

Start a Walk With Ease program in your community or on your own.

  • Healthy Lifestyle– Learn about evidence-based arthritis management programs and find the perfect fit for you.
  • Walk With Arthritis – Start the Walk WIth Ease program on your own for FREE through our portal.

Community organizations can learn how to implement interventions through our toolbox with program implementation recommendations and guidelines.

Healthcare Providers can recommend physical activity, weight management, and management programs.

Pharmacists can use our new toolkit and CME course to learn how to assume a more active role in the detection, prevention, and treatment of OA.

Policymakers: Help raise awareness with policymakers by sharing with your representatives our community health solutions.

Learn more about the StandUp2OA campaign and how you can spread awareness year-round at

You can follow the conversation on social media using the hashtags:

  • #ArthritisAwarenessMonth
  • #OAinMay
  • #StandUp2OA

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