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February 14, 2019

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Osteoarthritis (OA) can become a debilitating disease within communities causing physical limitations and a sense of hopelessness for people who struggle with it daily. Innovative advances in management/treatment strategies, along with expanded resources, have emerged to help people improve quality of life with OA. We are excited to express our gratitude to Bioventus, for our new partnership and future endeavors to increase awareness and education about OA.

Bioventus has been recognized since 2012 as a global leader in orthobiologics, addressing concerns with the promotion of new products and inventions towards joint treatment and healing. Their mission is to partner with the health care community to help people resume and enjoy active lives. We look forward to connecting with Bioventus at some of the upcoming meeting/conferences this spring (listed below) on our respective home turf in North Carolina.

An Interview with An Interview with Tony Bihl and Bioventus

Tony Bihl, CEO


1. What is your organization’s interest in the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance? 

We see a shared vision with the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance and through active collaboration, we can broaden our combined reach to family, friends, and caregivers of individuals with knee OA. We engage with health care providers on a daily basis and see value in bringing attention to OA Action Alliance resources, such as webinars and the Walk with a Doc program.

2. What do you think is the most important issue today related to osteoarthritis?

Many times, a patient’s knee OA isn’t diagnosed until late stages when treatment options may be limited to more invasive procedures such as knee replacement. The earlier a diagnosis can be made, the more options a patient has to manage their symptoms and possibly avoid an early surgery. With increased awareness and education on the risk and signs of knee OA, we can help individuals delay or even prevent it from progressing.

3. How does your work connect to issues in osteoarthritis?

Our mission is to help people resume active lives and osteoarthritis is a focus for Bioventus. We are committed to providing non-invasive cost-effective treatments for patients suffering from the disease. This extends beyond our product portfolio. Since 2012, we have been an active supporter and member of the Triangle Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation raising thousands of dollars each year for both its annual Walk to Cure Arthritis and more recently the Jingle Bell Run. In addition, I am Triangle Board Chairman and a member of the national Arthritis Foundation Board of Directors. We also provide health care professionals with medical education resources on knee osteoarthritis through and regional medical education events.

4. What is a headline you’d like to see about osteoarthritis in five years?

New treatment identified to prevent and reverse the effects of osteoarthritis.

5. What is one interesting fact you’d like people to know about your organization?

We continue to research and invest in next-generation solutions for reducing pain and solutions that repair cartilage and bone and we believe new breakthroughs for the disease are just around the corner.


Resources & Events

Bioventus Academy is a medical education platform that provides health care professionals access to in-depth clinical and scientific information on bone healing and early osteoarthritis (OA) treatment options via self-paced, web-based courses and interactive content, as well as, live programs with our esteemed faculty.

Bioventus is exhibiting at the upcoming medical conferences

                                                                And make sure to connect with Bioventus on social media!

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