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Our Honorary Co-Chairs Lennie and Dianne Rosenbluth Share Celebrating our Friends and Celebrating with our Friends

A few weeks ago, we travelled to New York City for the ACC Men’s Basketball  Tournament. Every year, at this time we sit by the window at our favorite pizza place on 8thAvenue and we’re grateful for our continued health that lets us keep coming up to support the Tar Heels in this tournament! But even more than that, we are grateful for the continuing joy we get from spending time with our friends and family. As we reflect on the year since we were last in New York, our best memories are our times spent celebrating our friends…and celebrating with our friends.One of our best memories with our friends is from last year’s NCAA Championship games when we and the same dedicated group gathered in our living room every game to cheer the Tar Heels all the way to victory. Everyone watched together –in the same seats, because we wouldn’t want to jinx the Tar Heels by changing things around! Lennie even wore the same lucky shirt every game! When the Tar Heels finally won it all the whole room just went nuts. That was the best moment, being with our friends to celebrate a wonderful victory.

We also love celebrating our friends and family! This year, we have been especially proud to celebrate our grandchildren’s accomplishments. Our grandson just made the basketball team at his middle school, and our granddaughter is a talented actress. We were so happy to have the ability to travel to see her perform the lead in her school’s musical in December.

No matter what comes up, we believe that its so important to keep those connections with our friends and family. We walk with our friends to stay healthy, and as long we can go to see our family, we go. We keep moving…for our friends, for our family, and for more wonderful celebrations to come!

Stay Well,
Dianne and Lennie Rosenbluth
Honorary Co-Chairs, Osteoarthritis Action Alliance

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