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Motion is an integral part of managing osteoarthritis – and addressing some of the key barriers to moving can help people with osteoarthritis stand up and get moving to manage their condition. DJO Global’s medical devices and educational initiatives are helping to empower patients to use “movement as medicine” – to manage their osteoarthritis through regular exercise. The OAAA is very grateful to DJO Global for their longstanding support of our efforts and participation on our Steering Committee.


An Interview with Michael McBrayer and DJO Global

Michael McBrayer is DJO Global’s Senior Vice President for Global Business and Professional Relations

1. What is your organization’s interest in the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance?

The Osteoarthritis Action Alliance provides a multi-disciplined approach to tackling the OA epidemic, including physical activity, injury prevention, and self-management. Getting all stakeholders involved and engaging all healthcare providers is important to solving this costly and epidemic disease.

2. What do you think is the most important issue today related to osteoarthritis?

The most important issue is getting a clear message out about the size of the problem.  The economic and physical impacts of osteoarthritis are not widely known.  If more people were aware of the magnitude of the problem, we believe there would be more dollars for research and care.  Additionally, education would help many people who suffer from OA who do not know what alternatives exist for treating this disease.

3. How does your work connect to issues in osteoarthritis?

DJO Global is the only medical company that manages osteoarthritis from early stage OA to late stage OA to the ultimate end result of a total knee replacement. Motion is Medicine is something we believe is critical to managing and fighting the disease. Our medical devices help keep people moving and more movement means better health and stronger joints.

4. What is a headline you’d like to see about osteoarthritis in five years?

The best headline to see would be “OA has been Cured!”. However, its hard to believe we could get to that in five years when the size and scope of OA is still not entirely known.  There’s always hope!

5. What is one interesting fact you’d like people to know about your organization?

DJO Global was started in a garage in Carlsbad, California by an NFL football player and a local attorney who played basketball together. They cut up wetsuits to make knee sleeves for warmth and support.  They named the company after their wives, Donna and Joy. That company, Donjoy, now has over a billion dollars in sales!

DJO Global Resources and Events


Osteoarthritis and your Knees

Learn about causes and risk factors for OA, different treatment options for every stage of OA, and how DJO products can help people with OA move more easily.

DJO Global has a regular presence at numerous annual meetings, including the:

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting
March 6-10, 2018, New Orleans, LA

American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting
May 29- June 2, 2018,

American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Annual Meeting       April 24-29, 2018, Lake Buena Vista, FL

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