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Diabetes – Heart Connection Day: How does Arthritis Play a Role?

Last Thursday, November 9, was National Diabetes – Heart Connection Day – a day to recognize the interrelations between diabetes and heart disease and the combined public health  burden that they cause. The statistics are staggering: People with type 2 diabetes are more than twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease, and live 7-8 years less. Furthermore, more than 25% of the cost of treating diabetes relates to cardiovascular complications. For more on this connection, check out the following resources from the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease.
How is arthritis involved?
The combined effects of diabetes and heart disease are serious – and they can become even more serious when arthritis is involved too. Those with diabetes and/or heart disease are more likely to have arthritis than the general population – in fact, almost half of those with heart disease or diabetes also have arthritis. When these conditions are combined, they can lead to a vicious cycle. Those with arthritis may find it more difficult to exercise, which can lead to extra body weight, increased heart and/or diabetes symptoms, worse joint pain, and less movement.

What can we do?

Physical activity is the best first line treatment for heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis, so getting moving can help you manage all three conditions! Movement can be difficult for those with joint pain or disability, but participating in arthritis-appropriate exercise programs like these can help you exercise safely, comfortably, and enjoyably.

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#ICYMI: November Lunch & Learn Webinar: Exercise Interventions that Work – A Recent History of Effective Exercise Prescription with Rebecca Hasson, PhD, FACSM
OAAA Lunch & Learn: Exercise Interventions that Work


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