The Osteoarthritis (OA) Action Alliance is committed to providing resources to assist with osteoarthritis prevention and control efforts.

Our resources are centered around the four interventions strategies to address OA. Some of these strategies focus on the symptoms while others have the potential to prevent the disease.

Self-management education and physical activity, focus primarily on reducing the symptoms and progression of OA for those who have the disease, while injury prevention and weight management, may prevent OA from occurring. Combined, these strategies have the potential to improve quality of life for those with OA and reduce the national burden.

Learn about osteoarthritis

Most of these briefs are also featured in the Walk with a Doc program online Walk Topics library under “Arthritis.” Walk leaders can download these briefs to share with their walkers. Learn more here!


Resources for Community Organizations

We have an extensive resource library for community organizations to help you implement evidence-based programs.


Living With Arthritis

Learn how you can live actively, manage your symptoms and explore treatment options. Learn more.



Did you know that Osteoarthritis is NOT a normal part of aging and can be prevented? Learn about public health strategies that have the potential to prevent osteoarthritis.


Healthcare Providers/Researchers

Resources for healthcare providers include pain communication tools, outcome measures for use in clinical care and patient education, and a review of guidelines for the management of OA.

Resources for researchers in search of outcome measures, research guidelines, research studies, and other publications from OAAA members click here.


Policy and Advocacy

For Policy and Advocacy resources visit our Policy Solutions page.


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