About the Policy & Advocacy Working Group:


Invoke policymakers at all levels in all sectors (e.g., lawmakers, businesses, school officials, community leaders) to make OA a public health priority as reflected in policy decisions and funding allocations.

The primary strategies for the group currently include:
1) Developing a message platform to reach policymakers with focused recommendations and to create a Communication Plan that encompasses targeted advertising, Congressional education visits, media messages, grassroots efforts, and partnership integration.
2) Support federal, state, local and organizational policies that support OAAA goals to improve the nation’s health through evidence-based clinical and community prevention and disease control activities, including reduced joint injury, reduced obesity, improved physical activity and weight management, and expanded access to self-management education (see Appendix for detailed Action Plan).

Since the OAAA reorganization in the Fall of 2015, this Workgroup

  • developed an OA Agenda infographic and one-page brief for OAAA member organizations to share with and educate their state and federal legislators on OA and the OA Agenda;
  • begun to discuss developing a webinar presentation to educate OAAA member organizations on how to engage their local, state and federal legislators to make OA a public health priority;
  • worked collaboratively with members of Workgroup 5 on a joint task force to establish national priorities for research on OA prevention and control strategies;
  • Members have also participated in CDC Arthritis Coalition Conference Calls organized by the AF and
  • OAAA staff attended the Arthritis Foundation Advocacy Summit in 2016 and 2017.

Priority Audiences: Any individual or team in a position to develop or influence policy for their constituents, users or members, including but not limited to government policymakers such as federal congresspeople, state governors and legislators, city/town mayors; local community policymakers such as school board members and superintendents, civic leaders, small business leaders, boards of directors for businesses and other groups; coaches and athletic boards and more!

Group Leadership

Mari Brick, MA

Chair, Policy & Advocacy Working Group
Representative of the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD)
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